Wind turbine blades to be upgraded

Wind turbine blades to be upgraded

From March to October 2018, there will be quite a few long wind turbine transportations on the roads between Grenaa and Aalborg.

The first 24 turbines have been upgraded at sea during 2016-2017, and the remaining 87 turbines from Anholt Offshore Wind Farm are now coming ashore for an upgrade. The procedure is that the blades are shipped to Grenaa, and will be transported to Aalborg afterwards for optimisation and repair work.

Particularly due to the severe climate at sea, and the high rotor speeds, it has turned out to be necessary with this repair work already. After repairing, the turbines will become more resistant, and at the same time, able to deliver more power than before.

For Port of Grenaa and the surrounding area, this means increased traffic and activity in the port.

Great activity with turbine parts

For business developer Theis Gisselbæk, it is a pleasure to once again have great activity with turbine parts in the port.

- At the moment, there is a lot of activity on the quays and for the support base within our core segments. There are plenty of oil rigs and ships in the dock, and that yields extra activity to an extent we haven’t seen before.

Up until October 2018, 261 wind turbine blades will travel from Grenaa to Aalborg and back again to Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. The operation on the blades in Aalborg will take 4 days, before the parts can return again. The road transport of the 58 metre long blades is planned to take place outside of peak hours.

The Danish tv-station TV2 Østjylland visited the port during the start-up phase and had a chat with Siemens Gamesa that runs the operations in collaboration with Ørsted. You can see the clip here.