Wind expertise

The Port of Grenaa’s wind expertise is in high demand

The port is involved in several exciting offshore wind projects in Denmark as well as abroad.

Since the offshore wind farm at the island of Anholt was constructed, the Port of Grenaa has compiled considerable expertise on wind farm projects, and various parts of the port’s overall knowhow are in high demand, e.g. logistics, project assignments and, most recently, recycling.

In general, offshore wind turbines are part of the Port of Grenaa’s strategy plan, and several projects are currently cementing this important business area.

Space and equipment are ready

"We have the experience, the facilities and the business partners necessary to solve such complete jobs in one smooth process," says business developer Theis Gisselbæk, Port of Grenaa.

The port’s role as a pre-assembly port in connection with the construction of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm means that the port has sufficient space, the right equipment and experienced staff, which enable the Port of Grenaa to offer itself as a central player in future offshore wind farm projects.

"Many want to take part in the race but, unlike others, the Port of Grenaa does not need to invest in the needed plant first. We have everything ready," says Theis Gisselbæk, and adds:

"Besides, it is not enough for a port simply to invest in the required equipment. The port must also be able to offer staff with expertise and experience in handling large projects. We have this experience as well."

Blade moulds for China

The quay recently saw vivid activity due to embarking and landing of huge blade moulds intended for a long journey to China. See the beautiful recordings in this video.


The port as a consultant

It is the Port of Grenaa’s professional expertise in particular that the other ports are interested in. Lars Mohr Christensen, in-house operations of the Port of Grenaa, used to be an advisor to ports in Taiwan. The USA and Indian ports as well have shown an interest in cooperating with the Port of Grenaa as their consultant during the construction of ports intended to service offshore wind farms and offshore installations. Most recently, a Japanese delegation visited Grenaa, where they were hosted by Djurs Wind Power. 

International wind exhibitions

The Port of Grenaa regularly participates in international wind exhibitions to keep fully updated on the development in the wind energy industry. During the large Husum Wind exhibition in September, his Royal Highness Prince Joachim visited the Port of Grenaa’s and DWP’s stand – an important gesture and recognition of the Danish exhibitors at the exhibition.