Upgrade with more square metres

Upgrade with more square metres close to the quay

Upgrade with more square metres close to the quay

We are currently supplementing the Port of Grenaa’s segments within stacking & maintenance, bulk and wind with a new multi-area close to the quay. Offshore wind energy is a special focal point and an industry that requires major investments. The Port of Grenaa is ready for another capacity upgrade.

“We are experiencing a great demand for paved and high-capacity areas. Some need areas close to the quay, whereas others depend less on location. Currently, the first stage of a project with totally 28,000 sqm is ready for use. This first stage includes 15,000 sqm close to our deep-water quays”, says CCO Theis Gisselbæk from Port of Grenaa.

A result of circular economy

The multi-area is a result of 100% circular economy, established with slightly contaminated soil from building Aarhus Letbane, the bypass road around Grenaa and a BaneDanmark project between Hobro and Langå, which also included recycled concrete from railway sleepers and platforms.

“By expanding the area on the basis of circular principles, we not only protect nature’s untouched resources. It is further financially responsible. The financial savings amount to approx. 15 million DKK, instead of building the area in a traditional manner, enabling us to prove that sustainability pays off”, CEO Henrik Carstensen from Port of Grenaa adds.

The upper layer of the area is paved with Norwegian granite – also recycled, as it was left over from other port areas.

“We continue to finish the remaining 13,000 sqm and expect this area to be done later this year”, Theis Gisselbæk concludes.


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