Ten new charging points for electric cars at Grenaa Port

Ten new charging points for electric cars at the Port of Grenaa

It is now easier to charge your car in Grenaa. The Port of Grenaa's partner Sustain is arranging ten electric charging points in the port, and the first have already been put to use.
The infrastructure at the Port of Grenaa is given another push in the green direction as the company SustainRecharge is setting up ten electric charging points in the port.

"The roll out of electric charging points is in full swing in Denmark, and of course a traffic hub like Port of Grenaa is the obvious place for charging points.
At SustainRecharge, we look forward to the community experiencing our reliable solutions and how easy it is to charge with the Spirii Go App", says Jens Almdal, Director, Sustain Recharge.

A charging solution that will benefit private drivers, tourists and businesses

The electric charging points from SustainRecharge are freely available to anyone without having to commit long term, pay a membership fee or set up a subscription.
This will benefit many of the port's users, regardless of whether it is the many employees of the companies at the port, or tourists who are going on the Stena Line ferry to Sweden or visiting the Kattegat Centre.

"At the Port of Grenaa, supporting the development of a robust and sustainable infrastructure is a clear priority. Therefore, we welcome the fact that Sustain is establishing ten electric charging points in the port, which will benefit a really large target group.
The electric charging points are fully in line with the port's efforts to promote the transition to and development of renewable energy", says Henrik Carstensen, CEO, Grenaa Havn A/S.

The first electric charging stations are in use

The first electric car drivers have already filled their tanks with green energy at the electric charging points. Local electricians have installed the first six electric charging points at Havnecenteret, Havnecentervej 1, which is Grenaa Port’s headquarters and administration building.
The remaining four electricity charging points will be established at Færgevej 2 by the end of November 2021.


• Sustain is responsible for the operation of the electric charging points
• The charging points can deliver up to 22 kW
• All electric cars can charge on the charging points with type 2 cables
• Charging and payment is via the Spirii Go app