Stays on track for growth

Stays on track for growth and fights for improved infrastructure

At the Port of Grenaa, the year has produced a great result and massive investments in facilities to accommodate future green projects such as offshore wind farms. Now, the fight for an improved infrastructure continues.

In 2020, Port of Grenaa achieved a turnover of DKK 60 million which is exactly identical to the two record years of 2018 and 2019. On the bottom line, the profit for the year is DKK 9.2 million which is above budget but below the record years.

At the general meeting, Bent Hansen, Chairman of the Board, expressed satisfaction with the result for the year:

”We are proud that the positive development has continued despite COVID-19. Our bottom-line result has decreased but this is due to the fact that, in spring, we followed the request of the authorities to keep the wheels of society going. For this reason, we dedicated part of our earnings to renovation projects and digitalizing systems and work processes. In this way, we made sure that there was plenty of work to be getting on with”.

Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa, shares the enthusiasm of Chairman and Board and is particularly pleased with the many forward-looking investments made by the port in 2020:

”Amongst others, the port has bought a large electric mobile crane, established a new multi-site and three bulk warehouses. Undoubtedly, the most significant landmark is the historic decision of the Board to invest up to DKK 100 million in a new ”super quay”. The new super quay and the affiliated supporting area are tailored to handling larger ships and rigs, such as offshore installation vessels, and will be supplied with 18 MW shore power. The area will also be dedicated to assisting in the production of green energy, such as Power-to-X.

Infrastructure is essential for green growth

However, it was also a vexed chairman who, in his report, expressed his disappointment that a motorway connection to Grenaa was not included in infrastructure negotiations. At the same time, Bent Hansen assured that the focused work of the port for infrastructure will continue:

”Port of Grenaa is growing, Stena Line is growing and Aarhus Airport is in rapid development. For this reason, we appeal to politicians to prioritise and recognise Djursland as a driving force for national growth. I could provide many examples but would like to highlight the massive, concentrated effort of Stena Line on their new Halmstad route relating to moving heavy traffic from the E45/E20 and onto the seas. The aim for the new route is an additional 30,000 road trains. This will contribute positively to the congestion on these road sections and, not least, provide somewhat improved CO2 accounts. However, before this huge growth potential can be unleashed, an improved infrastructure connecting Djursland to the rest of Denmark is required”.

New Board Members

2021 has seen several changes in the composition of the Board as Port of Grenaa welcomes three new Board Members: Laura Hay, Lene Skovsgaard Sørensen and Jess Abildskou. Laura Hay was previously alderman in Construction & Environment at Aarhus Municipality and has extensive experience as a professional board member. Lene Skovsgaard Sørensen is the CEO of the network DWP System Supplier and also has extensive experience as a professional board member. As the owner and CEO of Abildskou A/S and board member of Orskov Yard, Jess Abildskou has more than 20 years of experience in the transport industry. Moreover, Jess Abildskou was a board member of DI Transport for more than 10 years.

In addition to the abovementioned, the Board is made up of Bent Hansen, Chairman, Lars Pedersen, Deputy Chairman, Kasper Bjerregaard, Steen Jensen, Lars Møller and Anne Bjerrekær.

Bent Hansen, Chairman, looks forward to continuing the good collaboration and continuing the ports new 2025 strategy with Executive Board and the Board of Directors.