Sponsorship cooperation

Grenaa Golf Club and Port of Grenaa tees off into a new sponsorship cooperation

Now, golfers can soon make their first move from the new 16th hole, when “Havnehøjen” opens on 31st August. During this winter and spring, Grenaa Golf Club has prepared the impressive 16th hole, sponsored by the Port of Grenaa.

The site of this hole provides a beautiful view of the entire port. Grenaa Golf Club and the Port of Grenaa both see the potential of the golf course’s unique location and proximity to the port; therefore, they have entered into a sponsorship agreement that will benefit sports and activities in the local area.

Cooperation with various synergies

Henrik Carstensen, CEO of the Port of Grenaa sees many advantages of the cooperation.

– We focus on the geographical link between the port and the golf course and hope that more will discover the exceptional surroundings here in Norddjurs. We are supporting several other local initiatives related to health, and golfing involves precision as well as physical activity. It is also attractive regardless of age and gender. The sponsorship cooperation further forms an incredibly fine connection to both Stena Line’s upgrading of its line to Sweden in regards to tourism and business and to our development of the south port, for instance as a recreational area.

Recruiting golfers

Grenaa Golf Club is ready to invite Swedish golfers to Norddjurs – and to have Djursland golfers leave for Halmstad. For Grenaa Golf Club, it is also a matter of having more discovering the many positive things that this sport contributes with to all individual sportsmen and sportswomen – whether they are playing for fun or on a professional level.

The cooperation supports the many good ongoing initiatives in Grenaa and Norddjurs – initiatives concerning the Kattegat Alliance and the increased focus on our Swedish neighbours.

The new 16th

- At Grenaa Golf Club, we have a longstanding dream of changing one of the golf-course holes, but we did not have the resources before, says Anthony Bjerregaard, chairman of the Grenaa Golf Club.

A meeting at the Port of Grenaa in the spring of 2020 sowed the seams of a cooperation. This cooperation is one of the reasons why the club’s dream can finally come true – it also marks the beginning of a future cooperation between the port and the golf club.

A fantastic nature trail begins at the Port of Grenaa and continues to the Grenaa Golf Club. The trail mostly follows Grenaa River and provides experiences and first-class activities.

With the launching of an exciting new golf hole and extended sponsorship cooperation, Grenaa Golf Club shows that it wants to be an active co-player in terms of promoting local businesses in new and perhaps slightly untraditional ways.

On the opening day, we are going to reveal different initiatives, which hopefully will give the participants inspiration for their next media campaign.

- For many years, the golf club has been striving to be a club, focusing on environmental matters, Anthony Bjerregaard says.

During the past years, this has evolved into a clear strategy and action plans, all of which have had some quite exciting results.

Some of the most notable are:

  • Nominated to receiving the DGU Environment Award in two consecutive years. First year in the finals, second year “only” nominated.
  • Extending and improving the club’s ponds to the benefit of wildlife.
  • Installation of solar cells on the club house.
  • Start-up of a project with mini robots, operating in different areas of the golf course. The project resulted in a Scandinavian research project, which over a period of three years shall disclose advantages and disadvantages of using mini robots on golf courses in Scandinavia.
  • Last but not least, Grenaa Golf Club will be showing one of many results of its cooperation with the Port of Grenaa when they open the 16th on 31st August at 3 p.m.

Grenaa Golf Course is located in the beautiful scenic Kolindsund along highway 16 in Grenaa, near Grenaa River. It offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Norddjurs and the fresh air on a beautiful nature trail and three marked routes of either 2.8, 3.4 or 4.2 kilometres near the golf course.