Record profits - and growth continues

In 2018, Port of Grenaa achieved the best profits in the history of the port

Apart from a turnover of DKK 59 million, Port of Grenaa presented profits of DKK 15 million in 2018. The turnover was further DKK eight million bigger than the previous year.

Chairman of Port of Grenaa, Bent Hansen was extremely satisfied to announce this at the general meeting on April 29th.

CEO Henrik Carstensen is also very happy about the 2018 profits:
"I am very proud - not the least on behalf of my employees, who with dedication and super professional efforts have achieved such a brilliant result. It is further the result of the new strategy and organisation, as well as our new and stronger profile. We have evolved within all seven core business areas - not least within stacking, being maintenance and stacking of drilling rigs and ships. We experienced a breakthrough in 2018, manifested by Maersk Drilling selecting the Port of Grenaa to conduct the extensive maintenance project on one of the world’s biggest drilling rigs, Maersk Inspirer.”

”A stronger profile”

Bent Hansen continues by underlining that the invigorated reputation of the port is another reason for the record profits:
”We have simply gained a stronger profile. Our new management has, in cooperation with the employees, managed to upgrade the Port of Grenaa to such an extent that our customers recognize us for being flexible and dynamic. We demonstrated these qualities when one of our customers last year needed two spacious warehouses. After just six months, we were able to present the customer with two new warehouses in the port area. This agility and energy has strengthened our reputation. It attracts new customers and is therefore another important reason for this year’s increased profits.”

Growth continues

Henrik Carstensen expects the growth of Port of Grenaa to continue:
"Stena Line will for example double their ferry capacity to the Port of Grenaa, and we are altogether stronger than ever having intensified our positions of strength, our record profits and our growth strategy.”

According to the CEO of the port, this will probably also mean than local craftsmen can expect increased work in the Port of Grenaa:
”While Maersk Inspirer was made ready for new tasks in the Port of Grenaa, the work on the drilling rig generated orders worth DKK 400 million – DKK 140 million thereof for the network of companies in Grenaa and the Djursland region, so the skilled local companies can certainly look forward to more orders in the Port of Grenaa.

In 2018, we have been skilled at obtaining numerous large projects and even though there are no guarantees, I obviously hope that this development continues in 2019. It is all about hanging in there and raising our high level even further.”

Two new board members

During the general meeting, the board said goodbye to two existing members and welcomed two new members.

Vagn Hundebøll has chosen to withdraw and Claus Wistoft decided not to stand for re-election - Bent Hansen says:
"I would like to thank Vagn Hundebøll and Claus Wistoft for their dedicated work for the Port of Grenaa.”

The two new board members are Anne Bjerrekær, CEO of The Green Museum and Carsten Plougmann Andersen, former president of the Maersk Group, today occupying a number of board seats and owner of the consulting company C.PLAN Consultants.

"I am very much looking forward to working with Anne Bjerrekær and Carsten Plougmann Andersen. I am certain that they will be able to contribute constructively to the continued development of the Port of Grenaa with their strong competencies. Anne Bjerrekær will for instance contribute with her knowledge about tourism, as we aim to lift the South Port Area to a higher level, and Carsten Plougmann Andersen can with his solid experience within shipping strengthen our continued stacking development," says Bent Hansen.