Positive marks on the 2016 financial report

New strategy plan made positive marks on the 2016 financial report for Port of Grenaa

Chairman of the regional council Bent Hansen has been elected as new chairman of the board for Port of Grenaa. The port can announce a satisfactory result for 2016, and good forecasts for 2017.

Already a few months after approving the new strategy plan for Port of Grenaa, the first results of the focused efforts into the position of strengths for the port were realised. The strategy plan is partly accountable for Port of Grenaa coming out of 2016 with a positive financial report, and for progress in key areas.

At the annual general meeting for Port of Grenaa on 24th April 2017, chairman of the board Poul Anker Lübker explained how the port in 2016 saw progress in both activity and turnover. The port’s total turnover thus rose in 2016 to DKK 52.7 million against DKK 46.4 million the year before, and in 2016, Port of Grenaa handled 1.4 million tons of cargo against 1.2 million tons in 2015. The financial result for 2016 was DKK 8.1 million.

The board of Port of Grenaa expects increased progress this year. The strategy plan also includes an adaptation of the organisation, which has now been implemented, and Poul Anker Lübker described the future possibilities of the port as probably the best ever.

Continued focus on wind projects

In his report, the chairman explained, among other things, how Port of Grenaa’s plans to erect wind turbines by the port have been finally dropped during this year, after a long period of analysis. In total, analysis etc. regarding this project has cost approx. DKK 1.5 million.

“But this does not mean that Port of Grenaa is giving up the important skills that the port holds regarding offshore wind turbines, and Port of Grenaa still wants to be an active player in the future development of offshore wind parks – but it will be in the role of professional assembly/discharging port,” said Poul Anker Lübker.

Besides wind, the areas of strength where Port of Grenaa holds significant advantages and skills are bulk, project cargo, recycle & waste management, ferry and liner shipping, and rental, as well as stacking & maintenance of drilling rigs, platforms and ships. Therefore, those areas are what will be focused on in the future.

New chairman of the board

After eight years as a member of the board, and one year as chairman, Poul Anker Lübker had prior to the general annual meeting announced that he did not wish to be re-elected.

“As chairman, one of my jobs has been to ensure that the new director had the opportunity to thoroughly acquaint himself with the job, and get started well. That has happened very successfully, and I find that it is time to hand over the port to new capacities,” said Poul Anker Lübker.

After the general annual meeting, the board chose chairman of the regional council Bent Hansen as new chairman. He has been a member of the board of Port of Grenaa since 2015. Bent Hansen has been chairman of Region Midtjylland since 2007, and was the chairman of Viborg Amtsråd from 1990-2007. He is also chairman of Danske Regioner. Bent Hansen will not run for re-election at the regional council election this year, but will of course keep his vast political network. As chairman of the board of Port of Grenaa, he will be able to further strengthen Port of Grenaa’s position as an important part of the infrastructure in Eastern Jutland.