Port of Grenaa introduces energy surcharge

Port of Grenaa has over a long period absorbed the increasing energy prices, which currently are historically high.

The prices now have a direct and large financial effect on our daily operations, which means that as of November 1, 2022, we have decided to introduce an energy surcharge.
The energy surcharge is as follows:
Mobile cranes: DKK 213.00 per hour
Other (reach stackers, trucks, wheel loader etc.): DKK 121.00 per hour

Crane at Port of Grenaa

The energy surcharge will from now on be updated on the harbour's website at the end of a quarter (next time thus per January 1, 2023). This update, which is based on the current quarter's average prices for diesel and electricity, will be available no later than the 20th of the last month of the current quarter. The energy surcharge will be calculated until the prices for diesel and electricity are back at their original base level. Base levels are based on average diesel fuel and electricity prices for 2020 and 2021 of DKK 9.46 per litre of diesel fuel and DKK 0.56 per KWH for electricity (excluding tax and VAT).

With reference to the above, we have decided that in 2023 there will not be an ordinary increase in the hourly prices for our rolling stock.