Operationally stronger

 Port of Grenaa operationally stronger

The new department makes the port operationally stronger

Tasks involving business development, as well as functional and operational tasks, aim at strengthening the dialogue with customers and using the resources of the Port of Grenaa in the best way possible.

Business development and customer contact, as well as operational performance and general functional tasks traditionally go hand in hand in a port. However, we are now going a step forward and bringing together these three functions in one single department in order to strengthen the dialogue with customers, enhance the port's service, and use the resources optimally.

“Our growth in recent years helped us realise that we have to think differently in order to always take full advantage of our opportunities and the port's capacity in the best possible way,” says Theis Gisselbaek, CCO at Port of Grenaa.

"We cannot just say yes to customers and simply accept their tasks. Therefore, we must move forward and work in a different and closer structure to ensure that the individual functions are combined optimally. Only by operating this way, we will always be able to serve our customers in a timely manner, with the right equipment and a proper staff solution for the single tasks. That is why we trust the Port of Grenaa: you can expect high flexibility and adaptability, despite the natural unpredictability of the tasks due to, for example, weather and wind.”

Theis Gisselbaek is the head of the new department, where development is closely related to operational planning. This department is closely connected to the port's operations department, which must provide cranes and other equipment, and particularly staff solutions.

What does success require?

“It is the success of the Port of Grenaa that requires a new structure, to say the least. We need to strengthen the internal dialogue and coordination in order to provide customers with the right service at the right time. Increased order intake and more calls require tighter planning and arrangement of the overall resources. We must have a constant internal focus on delivering the best solutions. Therefore, we are currently developing our customer-oriented functions close together, to be able to shorten our command chain and optimise our resources,” says Theis Gisselbaek.

Strengthened IT support

In addition to the organisational change, the department will also get new IT systems. A new project manager will be responsible for the interconnection of the systems that collect data from all the tasks, for them to be used for optimal control of the processes and for guaranteeing uniform management of operational tasks at the port in the future.

“The future IT systems will be a strong tool throughout the entire process - from sales to the organisation of the operational tasks, staff, logistics and the necessary equipment, as well as to the invoicing of the tasks. This is how we get a fully optimised process, which will not only benefit the port, but also keep the customers happy,” says Theis Gisselbaek.


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