New offshore wind farm

Pre-assembly at Port of Grenaa


A broad majority of parties have agreed on a new climate agreement, ensuring a new offshore wind farm of approx. 1 GW near Hesselø in the Kattegat. The farm is expected to be finished by 2027.

CEO of Port of Grenaa, Henrik Carstensen is thrilled about the decision.
- We have worked energetically on ensuring that one of the next offshore wind farms is situated in the Kattegat. We realised that Hesselø in the Kattegat was a great location for a new offshore wind farm – it will be quite economical to build and operate and beneficial in terms of nature and environment. It will further provide good job opportunities in central Denmark.

Henrik Carstensen refers to the latest screening, conducted by COWI for the Danish Energy Agency, showing that Hesselø is the cheapest solution, both in terms of investment costs and operation. Hesselø is further a great opportunity of getting started quite soon – compared to energy islands. And it will benefit the environment.


- The Port of Grenaa is ready to participate in this exciting project and is looking forward to a dialogue with the providers. We have the expertise from Anholt Offshore Wind Farm and have the appropriate infrastructure. That’s good news for our region – we know from Anholt that the installation of a new offshore wind farm creates thousands of new jobs.

The Port of Grenaa has, being one of Denmark’s biggest commercial and industrial ports, been recognised nationally and internationally as a professional wind farm port. Countries all over the world contact the port, requesting access to the vast know-how, which Port of Grenaa has developed as a base and service centre for wind farm projects, for instance during the installation of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

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