New mobile crane

 Contract signed

Intelligent and sustainable mobile crane guarantees effective operation at the Port of Grenaa

Port of Grenaa has just signed a contract for a LHM 550 Liebherr mobile crane worth approx. 25 million DKK. Apart from being fitted with intelligent automated technology, the crane is being converted to electric drive as part of the port’s sustainability strategy.
The electric Liebherr mobile crane is expected to be delivered in March 2021. Until then, it is updated and converted to electric drive at Liebherr in Rostock, Germany.

“Cranes and other large machinery used for handling material in Danish ports require large amounts of diesel and emit CO2 when loading and unloading. The conversion to electric machinery is therefore an important step towards a green future”, says Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa and continues:

“Buying the Liebherr mobile crane supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 7 (affordable and clean energy), being one of the goals that we work on as part of our new 2025 strategy. By converting the crane to electric drive, we reduce the CO2 emission significantly with 275 tonnes per year, compared to the replaced Gottwald crane. This way, we also reduce the impact of our customers when handling cargo”.

Intelligent technology streamlines material handling

The crane has intelligent features such as ergonomic control and advanced software, easing the work of crane operators and guaranteeing increased productivity:

“The advanced software, including the “teach in feature”, automates material handling, so the operator does not have to load manually. This means that the crane can run several cycles per hour, resulting in significant streamlining of operations”, Henrik Carstensen says.

The 467 tonnes heavy crane has a lifting capacity of 144 tonnes on 20 metres and 40 tonnes on 54 metres as well as 360 degrees mobility. This ensures high manoeuvrability, making the crane ideal for extensive operations such as handling of bulk, scrap and project loads on still growing ships called into ports, for instance ship-to-ship operations.

An ideal partner for large-scale projects

“Our near-quay areas and our central location make Port of Grenaa the ideal hub port with optimal conditions for efficient distribution to the entire country. Combined with our safe storage facilities and effective equipment such as the newly acquired Liebherr crane, we achieve our goal of providing customised and high-quality services for even the biggest projects”, says Henrik Carstensen.


Persons in the back from the left: Roman Chopyk (Liebherr), Aron Boysen (Liebherr), Allan Ole Petersen (Liebherr), Lars Mohr Christensen (Port of Grenaa), Thomas Gissel (Port of Grenaa), Thies Gisselbæk (Port of Grenaa).

Persons at the table from the left: Maxim Kim (Liebherr), Henrik Carstensen (CEO of Port of Grenaa). Photo credits: Liebherr.