New huge hopper

 New huge hopper minimises waste

New huge hopper minimises waste

One of the really big ones – a new and huge hopper with a height of 13 metres – is now ready for use in the Port of Grenaa. The new hopper was constructed and tested last winter and now it is ready for loading bulky dry goods.

As the Port of Grenaa receives more and more large ships, the customer requirements with regards to handling of their goods increase as well. For this reason, the local company Ålsrode Smede- og Maskinfabrik has specially designed and delivered a huge hopper to deal with these requests.

The hopper weighs no less than 47 tonnes and the opening itself is as big as the base of a house at 90.5 sqm. The hopper holds a volume of 130 cbm and even very large carriages can drive through underneath the hopper. The hopper dimensions have been carefully designed to fulfil the needs and wants that the customers in the Port of Grenaa have been expressing, and a volume of no less than 130 cbm ensures a higher level of flexibility and therefore a more energy efficient loading operation. The hopper design considers the environment through dust-reducing measures as well as the working environment for the hopper operators.

Efficient handling of goods ensures good quality

“We want to fulfil customer demands with regards to more efficient handling of the goods. Amongst other things, this requires waste reduction and the new hopper definitely contributes to meeting this demand. As an example, when we use the hopper, the product is no longer placed on the quay but is immediately passed on through the logistics process, and in some situations, this can be of vital importance to the product quality. In addition, it is no secret that we are experiencing the positive trend of lots of activity on our quays, and a more effective distribution process means more space for more goods”, Theis Gisselbæk, CCO at the Port of Grenaa, explains.

The Port of Grenaa had been working long and goal-oriented in order to find the perfect hopper. CEO at the Port of Grenaa, Henrik Carstensen, is very pleased with this tailor-made solution:

“For a while, we had been searching the market for a new hopper that would fulfil our requirements and the demands from our customers. It turned out that this constellation led to a very good result and at the same time, we were able to “tailor-make” the hopper to make it match our needs 100 %. This is a fantastic achievement and it is important to us that we can now offer this extra service to our customers”, Henrik Carstensen adds.

Material upgrade

One of the recent large upgrades made by the Port of Grenaa within the bulk area is the investment in the environmentally friendly heavyweight Sennebogen 875 E. This loading machine is fast, efficient and ideal for vessels of up to 15,000 billion tons. The Port of Grenaa continuously strive to match their services to customer needs and this new hopper provides an additional tool for efficient handling of bulky goods in the Port of Grenaa.