"We should not just grow, we need to grow by doing more of what we're really good at," says Henrik Carstensen, CEO at Port of Grenaa.

The Port of Grenaa will focus more on what we are good at. A new strategy plan will secure the port's position as one of the 10 most important in Denmark moving towards 2020.

"We need to decide: What are we good at? What do we want to achieve? And what do we need to do to achieve it?"

That's how CEO Henrik Carstensen describes the new strategy plan recently adopted by the board. By enhancing focus, the plan will ensure constant development and growth for the Port of Grenaa towards 2020.

"The port should not just grow, but should manage that growth by focusing on the unique strengths we have, and use them offensively in our efforts to cement the Port of Grenaa's position as one of Denmark's biggest commercial and industrial ports. We already have a comfortable position in the top 10. The port's accounts for 2015 showed a profit, and our financial forecast for 2016 looks very good. We need to exploit that position by doing more of what we're good at, and let others do what they're good at. We need to dare to be selective," says Henrik Carstensen.



The Port of Grenaa's role as a major industrial port has to be promoted and strategically exploited at a time when competition amongst Danish ports is increasing, at the same time as a structural change amongst them.

Many ports close to city centres have changed character, and are increasingly designating areas as residential and recreational. That places some very restrictive environmental limitations on the activities that can be conducted within a port.

On the other hand, the Port of Grenaa is a dedicated industrial port, which thanks to its location in relation to the town has excellent potential to increase its activities without bothering its neighbours. That's a position we intend to exploit by attracting activities that are dependent on plenty of space and less stringent environmental criteria, e.g. concerning dust and noise. We also have unique advantages in the form of deep waters and close proximity to the sailing routes of the Kattegat.



"Overall, these factors give us a number of unique competitive advantages that must be promoted to attract new customers and partners with a specific need for the options and services that the Port of Grenaa can offer. We must target customers and partners able to make use of the areas in which we are already strong, have experience and the facilities required. Wind energy for instance, as the port for large project cargoes, ferries, bulk activities and of course within decommissioning and recycling, where we have a specialisation which no other port in Denmark can match. These special competences and strengths must be promoted more widely and weight more heavily for the Port of Grenaa's market position," says Henrik Carstensen.

The new strategy became operational through development of the organisation's competences, recruitment of more personnel, sharper profiling and promotion of the port's strengths. The strategy is aimed at Danish and international customers.



"We have taken a very close look at the organisation and the competences of our personnel as a natural part of the strategy plan process. The team of the future is being created right now, and what we have done is to give each key employee new challenges in areas that will be important to the future running and development of the port. We will also recruit new people to attract the competences and profiles we need when realising the strategy plan," explains Henrik Carstensen.



"We will benefit from yet another competitive advantage within the coming year," states Henrik Carstensen. "When the new bypass north of Grenaa is opened, it will take heavy traffic from the north around the town and directly into the port, where facilities for loading and unloading are excellent. We will be the envy of many other ports. This is yet another advantage at a time when other port towns are laying down restrictions for heavy traffic and are struggling with gridlock in their town centres."


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