Jack-up hotel rig on a journey to China

Play the video above to watch the spectacular operation

In the summer of 2021, the Port of Grenaa was visited by the huge, so-called heavy-module carrier Audax from Red Box. Audax was to load the former drilling rig, now jack-up hotel rig, Atlantic Amsterdam, and then sail via the Arctic route north of Norway and Russia towards China. A voyage of almost a month. Atlantic Amsterdam has now arrived safely at its new position where it will be an office and hotel platform for offshore work in China.

- Theis Gisselbæk, CCO of Port of Grenaa, expresses great enthusiasm for the fact that the Port of Grenaa and partners were given the opportunity to handle this very special task which was only possible due to the significant water depth and good navigation conditions available at Grenaa. Handling such a task is a rare, special and large operation. "Therefore, we also produced some impressive footage of the loading and shipping which we would like to share with the industry."

Record-breaking ship in Grenaa

In terms of area, with its length of 206.3 metres and its width of 43 meters, Audax is the largest vessel to date to have called at the port of Grenaa. This heavy-module carrier was built in 2016 and is of the type of Arctic ship. It has been built to sail at polar class 3, which is the highest polar class for a civilian/commercial ship.

Facts on accommodation rig Atlantic Amsterdam

  • Has been at Grenaa for cold stacking since 2018
  • Was previously used as an accommodation rig for crews working offshore, e.g. at the offshore wind farms Race Bank and Borkum Riffgrund
  • Offers flexibility in terms of having crew accommodated on site rather than having to fly or sail crews to offshore workplaces
  • The rig has 136 single rooms, living areas, gym and exercise facilities and sauna
  • Dimensions 75 x 86 meter
  • Weighs 10,500 tonnes and has 135-metre-long jack-up legs

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