Infrastructure on the agenda

 Illustration infrastructural requirements

Infrastructural improvements on the agenda

Ports are important infrastructural hubs in Denmark, and this is also the case with Port of Grenaa. We hold a strong position, which will be strengthened further with the new Stena Line route between Grenaa and Halmstad.

The ferry connection Grenaa-Halmstad is expected to relieve the road network for thousands of trucks driving between Jutland and southern Sweden every year, and this entails high requirements for the infrastructure on Djursland.

Port of Grenaa will further prepare itself and the infrastructure for increased activity for one or more future offshore wind farms in the Kattegat, for instance Hesselø in the Kattegat to be completed by 2027.

At Port of Grenaa, CEO Henrik Carstensen has already presented the prioritised infrastructural requirements of the port to several politicians, since Port of Grenaa is dedicated to meeting the goals of the government for traffic transfer from roads to seaway.

- “The traffic density on the roads must be eased and one of the ways is to use our ports and the seaway”, says Henrik Carstensen.

The port is seeking to increase the dialogue with several politicians, able to support the efforts of the port and the local community for a continuous modernisation of the infrastructure.


The illustration above shows the prioritised infrastructural requirements of Port of Grenaa - the first priority is a so-called 2+1 high-class road from the end of Djursland motorway to Grenaa.