Historic port expansion

 Grenaa port expansion

Historic port expansion at Port of Grenaa

A 350 m quay, 17,000 sqm port area, a heavy-load area and an upgrade to 9MW shore power - these are just a few of the features that with the 28,000 sqm near-quay rear area make the new and flexible port area suitable for large-scale projects such as servicing offshore installations, stacking and testing the Power-to-X technology.

The board of Port of Grenaa has just decided the largest plant investment in the 207 year long history of the port. The environmental impact assessment (VVM) has been initiated and the port extension will cost approx. DKK 100 million when completed in January 2023.

Growth and employment for local companies

The port expansion is an important investment as part of the continued development of the port, but it is also of great importance for the local companies that cooperate closely with the port:

“The investment comes in the wake of the port’s record earnings in 2018 and 2019. This progress has entailed increased demand for port facilities, resulting in massive investments in equipment, warehouses and areas with the port extension being the biggest investment so far. All investments prepare the port for handling increasingly larger projects as well as larger vessels called into port. This also means more work and increased employment for the companies, cooperating with the port locally”, says Bent Hansen, chairman at Port of Grenaa.

Configured to handle large-scale projects across segments

The port area will be configured in a flexible manner, enabling handling of large-scale projects across the port’s core segments such as wind farms, project loads, testing of Power-to-X, stacking and maintenance, as well as handling of Panamax size vessels.

In connection with the port expansion, the area will also be fitted with 9MW shore power, which is an upgrade of 7MV from the 2MW shore power currently offered. This in order to be able to offer eco-friendly energy solutions for specific projects and the stacking segment.
In terms of equipment, the port has invested in an intelligent LHM 550 Liebherr harbour crane, ensuring effective but also sustainable operation, since it is fitted with an electric drive. The new Liebherr crane replaces the 30-year old Gottwald crane that runs on diesel.

“We are facing a future, where new large infrastructure projects aim to modernise transportation and ensure cohesion in Denmark. The green transition further needs to be accelerated by extending the offshore wind industry and developing completely new forms of energy (Power-to-X). The port extension and our upgraded equipment enable us to accommodate traditional port operations, but also to handle large-scale projects of the future, ensuring effective and sustainable growth in Denmark”, says Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa A/S.

New strategy – Port of partnerships for a green world 2025

With the strategy “Port of partnerships for a green world 2025” launched at the turn of the year, Port of Grenaa ratifies its dedication to a green transition. The port further continues to focus on its specific core segments.

“With the new strategy, we introduce a number of initiatives that contribute to the Danish and European aim of full carbon neutrality by the year 2050. With the new core segment “Energy & Innovation”, we increase our focus on development of green energy. Energy & Innovation is used to enforce our efforts within PtX and offshore wind along with the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 7 (affordable and clean energy). Accommodating traditional port operations, as well as being able to handle large-scale projects related to green energy, is just one of our efforts in strengthening the green transition”, Henrik Carstensen concludes.


Port map

Here you can find a graphical map of the port.


350m port quay – ideal for wind farm components
17,000 sqm area
11m water depth, prepared for 15m
9MW shore power
Heavy-load area
28,000 sqm near-quay rear area

Possible applications
Handling projects across core segments simultaneously
Servicing offshore installations
Large-scale testing of Power-to-X
Stacking and maintenance of rigs (incl. SPS)
Large vessel handling (Panamax size)
Bulk cargo handling