High level of flexibility

 Flexibility is the way forward for JKJ

Flexibility is the way forward

They specialise in handling urgent tasks with short deadlines. At JKJ Stålteknik, a high level of flexibility is an important strategy to obtain more customers.

“This is our new cutter that cuts steel at a very high precision level.”

Manager Jan Nielsen is showing us working smiths, large steel constructions and band saws for sawing steel at JKJ Stålteknik located in the harbour of Grenaa.

Here, the company produces welded steel constructions for both offshore and onshore use, and they handle a lot of different tasks: base frames for cooling facilities, rust-proof steel tanks, buoys, lanterns, stairs, balconies and walking areas for large machinery. In addition, JKJ Stålteknik carries out large-scale installation projects such as the assembly of the entire steel construction for the Bjarke Ingels Groups’ 22 storage prestige construction called AARhus in the town of Aarhus.

“It took one and a half years, and this was an exciting and challenging task on all levels. When our staff assembled the last of the 600 steel beams, they were working at a height of 65 metres. That is very high up, even if you are wearing a lifeline”, Jan Nielsen says with a smile.

From a rented garage to four production areas

He takes us along to the next production centre and tells us that the company framework has changed significantly compared to the beginning. What started out as a hobby in a rented garage in 1990 has now turned into a company with four large production areas.

“Back then, we were just two boilermakers and a specialist teacher from the AMU postgraduate course in Grenaa who spent our spare time doing small projects such as pipe welding in the harbour of Aarhus. Once the projects started coming in regularly, we quit our jobs and established the company JKJ Montage which was later renamed JKJ Stålteknik. At that time, I bought out my original partners and today, I have a different business partner. Now we employ 35 staff members, mainly boilermakers and machine operators, and I am very proud that we have managed to establish a solid company with all relevant certifications from scratch.”

Flexible and adaptable

At JKJ Stålteknik, a high level of craftsmanship quality and on-time deliveries are two essential values, the 54-year-old manager explains.

“Our biggest strengths, however, are flexibility and adaptability. Very quickly, we are able to adapt and invest all necessary efforts in an urgent task with a very short deadline. At the same time, being very flexible in every single project is a business advantage because urgent tasks are financially attractive. In such cases, the customers mainly focus on the deadline, not the money.”

As an example, JKJ Stålteknik demonstrated this high level of flexibility a few months ago in connection with a project on a huge pipe installation vessel called Global 1200 in the harbour of Grenaa. 

The captain suddenly realised that he was missing a support for the jib on a large crane located at the front of the vessel.

“The harbour authorities in Grenaa referred him to us and we had only one week to deliver the solution. We put all other tasks on hold, worked two shifts day and night, and delivered a 11-metre tall steel tower for the jib to rest on. All this happened within the deadline and we received plenty of praise and recognition for this job”, Jan Nielsen says.

Good cooperation with the harbour of Grenaa

JKJ Stålteknik has been located in the harbour of Grenaa since 1998. The company asked the harbour authorities in Grenaa whether they would build a row of workshops for JKJ Stålteknik to rent, and they quickly agreed. Jan Nielsen describes the cooperation between his company the authorities as “very good”.

“Being located in the harbour of Grenaa offers us a range of advantages: The harbour authorities provide us with projects such as securing of fender tyres on the quay side, repairing gates and barriers, and renovating harbour trucks. At the same time, the harbour authorities refer several of their customers to us. In addition, the big harbour cranes allow us to make bigger steel constructions because they are able to lift such constructions from our production areas and unload them onto the vessels. Finally, the harbour is always able to offer us extra space for large constructions whenever needed.

On the other hand, our flexibility is also an advantage for the harbour and their customers because we are always available when they need us.”

Growth through flexibility

The guided tour ends in the break room right next to the administration office. Jan Nielsen tells us that even now, 30 years after having started to work on small projects in a rented garage in the town of Trustrup, he still has some very clear ambitions for the future development of JKJ Stålteknik.

“Our vision is to be the preferred choice for all types of forging projects. I believe that in three years, we will have more than 40 staff members – not least because our reputation of being highly adaptable is going to bring us more customers.”