Eco-friendly heavyweight


Eco-friendly heavyweight – first in Denmark

New machine for materials handling saves energy, despite massively increased capacity. 

With the investment in a new machine for materials handling, as well as three new grabbers, The Port of Grenaa has significantly increased its loading and unloading capacity.

The new machine is a Sennebogen 875, which is both the largest and the first of this model to be delivered to Denmark.

The Port has chosen the Sennebogen 875 mainly because the Sennebogen 860 was becoming too small.

As the ships that dock in the port of Grenaa are getting bigger and bigger, it is a necessity to be able to offer our clients an optimal solution. That is something we can do with the new machine, which can reach far further and deeper into the ships. It comes equipped with a 26-metre-long new type of jib and cylinders, which have increased the machine’s loading capacity with as much as 45% compared to earlier.

The additionally purchased grabbers for the Sennebogen 875 also add a significant capacity increase, as the grabbers are approximately 50% bigger than the previous grabbers.


The jib of the new materials handling machine comes with a so-called ‘recover cylinder’ that can add savings of up to 30% by absorbing the jib’s energy when lowered, and releasing the energy again as the jib raises. This can be done without increasing the machine’s diesel usage, meaning that this solution also contains a financial and environmental profit.

The investment means that The Port of Grenaa in the future will be able to handle the primary product lines faster and more efficiently than with current machinery. A competitive advantage, especially within the bulk market, which the port is focussing on massively.

Other new exciting features of the new machine are:

  • Top modern operator booth, from which all functions can be performed. The new operator booth features, among other things, air-suspended operator seat with heating and ventilation that can be adjusted in relation to joystick and floor.
  • The operator booth is equipped with two seats, making room for training.
  • The booth is mounted so that the crane operator reaches an eye level of 11 metres, adding a unique visibility of the loading/unloading area.

The machine was delivered to the port in Grenaa Thursday April 19th, 2018, after which the machine was assembled and tested.