Collaboration is main focus

In the future, Theis Gisselbæk is to take up a key role with regards to Port of Grenaa’s work to turn the port’s strategy plan into reality – and into business.

Despite his young age, Theis Gisselbæk brings with him a significant amount of transport experience as he is taking on the role to be the driving force in developing Port of Grenaa’s areas of business within especially bulk, wind and project cargo. All are areas that are central to the port’s strategy for development during the coming years.

Theis Gisselbæk is educated within the transport industry, and has worked with, among other things, project-based freight forwarding within the oil, gas, and wind sectors for shipping company Martin Bencher. He brought along that experience when he subsequently took part in the construction and development of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s transport concepts, and when he was project manager for transport in connection with the big Irish Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.


”Working with developing solutions within the transport area has given me great experience that allows me to assess the central development possibilities for Port of Grenaa. We have an obvious potential when it comes to offshore wind farms, project cargo and bulk,” says Theis Gisselbæk.

Port of Grenaa has valuable experience from the installation of the offshore wind farm by Anholt, and that will be combined with the knowledge that Theis brings with him from his work with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. He was there when new transport concepts had to be established and built up around the company’s new 8MW V164 offshore wind turbine. Altogether, this will develop the possibilities that Port of Grenaa has to attract transport jobs connected to the whole wind power sector


”To a great extent, I have served as a consultant to the clients we were solving transport jobs for, and because of that, I know how important it is to initiate an early dialogue with clients. Not just when it comes to specific jobs, but also when it comes to establishing the client’s future wishes and needs. This is where Port of Grenaa can come in and survey what the client needs, and what is happening in the sectors that are of relevance to the port. We must create more business by knowing the development, and matching the clients’ needs, and we must do this by, among other things, making the port’s knowledge and expertise visible, as well as the possibilities we have due to depth of water, lots of space, and the location of the port,” says Theis Gisselbæk, and continues:

”For example, these years, there is a great consolidation taking place within parts of the bulk market. Quantities are consolidated and becoming larger, and Port of Grenaa holds obvious possibilities of becoming the port where a number of companies, within for example grain and feed, compile their quantities before shipping them abroad. We have the space and a good infrastructure so that it is easy to get to and from the port. Generally, right now the job is to establish the possibilities, and finding the key to Port of Grenaa becoming the port of choice. Because of this, I will devote a lot of time here in the beginning to getting close to our clients, and becoming more knowledgeable about their business. I follow the port’s bulk operations closely, so that I can be clued-up on where Port of Grenaa’s strengths can be leveraged to increase the quantities of cargo going out.”

Theis Gisselbæk is originally from Thy, but has lived in Aarhus for 11 years. He is 31 years old, married, and has a three-year-old daughter – and with twins on the way. In his spare time, water is also involved. He enjoys diving – but also finds the time to travel, cook, and learn more about whisky and rum.

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