All-in on shore power

 The Port of Grenaa goes all-in on shore power

The Port of Grenaa goes all-in on shore power with the purchase of 18 megawatts

The largest installation vessels, ships and rigs are guaranteed green power at the Port of Grenaa well into the future. The port has just invested in 18 megawatts of shore power and kickstarted establishing a comprehensive electrical infrastructure that ensures flexible connection options for mobile shore power plants.

“At the Port of Grenaa, we have chosen to go all-in on shore power, which means that we are upgrading our current supply from 2 MW to 18 MW to secure the future supply of green power to, for example, installation vessels from the offshore wind industry and drilling rigs. We have a goal of taking our share of responsibility for the green transition. That is why we want to promote the transition from diesel to electricity by offering power solutions to our customers, but also by electrifying our own port operations,” says Henrik Carstensen, CEO, Port of Grenaa.

Offshore wind farms require electricity

In 2020, the industry association for wind power, WindEurope, made a record-breaking investment in European offshore wind of DKK 196 billion that is a development of which Denmark is also a part, states Theis Gisselbæk, CCO at Port of Grenaa:

“Denmark is facing the establishment of several new offshore wind farms, including Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm - the Port of Grenaa’s future neighbour in the Kattegat. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be able to offer shore power to installation vessels regarding the establishment of these large offshore wind turbine projects. When installation vessels, drilling rigs and other vessels are connected to shore power, not only are CO2 emissions reduced but also the maintenance costs on board. Energy production is one of the costliest parts of the operation of offshore vessels, so it is a benefit to be able to switch off the engine and connect that power instead.”

The electricity infrastructure is being rolled out at the port

The 18 MW will be available at the port by the summer of 2021. Next, establishing a supply system will begin, where ships, rigs and the port’s own electric machines will be connected via mobile shore power systems.

“We will add shore power with our new port expansion, which is rather obvious, as it will be suitable for servicing offshore installations, stacking and testing Power-to-X technology. Afterwards, our other quays will be upgraded with shore power. We are looking into an investment in shore power plant number 2, and we are ready to invest in more plants as soon as the need arises,” concludes Theis Gisselbæk.

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