100 percent green power for the Port of Grenaa

Kirsten Hvid Schmidt Jakob Bundgaard Henrik Carstensen

NRGi secures 100% green power for the Port of Grenaa

Operations at the Port of Grenaa will, going forward, use 100% made-in-Denmark, climate-friendly power, which will cement the Port’s ambitious goals for the green transition. This is the result of a new supplier agreement that has just been signed with the NRGi Group.

2025 Port of Partnerships for a Green World

This is the strategic ambition for one of Denmark’s major commercial and industrial ports that will be the winning card in its work to contribute to Denmark’s climate objectives in a new green ten-year partnership agreement with NRGi. The energy group will make sure going forward that the operations of the Port use 100% green power from renewable energy sources and will even supply the Port, in the long term, with locally produced power from newly established projects in neighbouring areas.

Common ambitions for a greener world

“The world is changing, and so is the Port of Grenaa. It is both our desire and duty to help generate green growth and contribute to sustainability permeating everything, wherever possible — both inside and out. This is why we are happy that we can enter into an agreement with NRGi, which shares our ambitions for a greener world,” explain Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa.

The Port of Grenaa is actively working with the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals with a particular emphasis, thanks to the agreement, on having a cooperation partner that can offer climate-friendly power and aspires for long-term, locally-anchored cooperation,” adds Kirsten Hvid Schmidt, CFO of the Port of Grenaa.

Well in line with the desires of the NRGi Group

On the other side of the partnership, NRGi are also happy about the agreement, which falls well in line with the Group’s desire to participate in partnerships that not merely aid, but also accelerate Denmark’s green transition.

“We look forward to entering into a partnership where we can help promote Denmark’s green transition locally in the area and in the long term help produce more green power for the benefit of the entire power grid,” says Jakob Bundgaard, Director of NRGi Renewables.

“We have signed a ten-year agreement, where NRGi will initially provide the Port with green power from NRGi’s own wind farm at Tagmarken in Thisted. The ambition is for the Port of Grenaa to contribute to the realisation of a coming project by entering into a ten-year PPA (fixed-price agreement). The agreement provides security for footing the bill for a project that will be realised without subsidies and that will ultimately generate more green power in the East Jutland power grid for the benefit of all of us,” points out Jakob Bundgaard.


About the Port of Grenaa
The Port of Grenaa is one of Denmark’s biggest commercial and industrial ports, centrally located and with plenty of space for development. The Port of Grenaa lives off its access to the sea. It is a proud hub in the centre of Denmark — and also a gate to the Kattegat.

About NRGi
NRGi is a champion and accelerator of Denmark’s green transition — and thus of a better future. NRGi’s ownership is split among 220,000 shareholders, and the company has 1,500 committed employees, all of whom contribute to a greener and better-functioning Denmark.

Kirsten Hvid Schmidt, Port of Grenaa, Jakob Bundgaard, NRGi Renewables and Henrik Carstensen, Port of Grenaa, bid the new agreement welcome.