Ordering electricity and water

To order electricity and water, please contact the Port of Grenaa on (+45) 8758 7600.

Open the port map for locations of electricity and water along the quays. Download here.


Card readers

Electricity outlets are installed in the fishing port operated using a chip card. Cards can be ordered from the Chip Card Loader, Fiskerikajerne 12B. 


Diesel and fuel oil supplies

Contact Niels Weje Nielsen for fuel deliveries
Tel. (+45) 86 32 15 27 | Mobile (+45) 40 19 15 27


Disposing of slop oil in the Port of Grenaa

Fortum Waste Solutions A/S handles all slop oil within the Port of Grenaa and processing it into supplementary fuel.

Eco-friendly processing of slop oil

Fortum Waste Solutions OW A/S receives slop oil in the port or charters a tanker to collect the slop at sea. Fortum Waste Solutions OW A/S also offers cleaning of onboard tanks.

Fortum Waste Solutions OW A/S has specialised in filtering slop oil in a biological process, after which it can be reused as a supplementary fuel. The process takes place in an environmentally-approved tank facility in the port.

Disposing of slop oil

For disposal of slop please contact:

Fortum Waste Solutions OW A/S 
Tel. (+45) 86 94 55 55 | Vis e-mail


Flux Water A/S
Tel. (+45) 69 13 34 34 | Vis e-mail


Paying customs duty on imported goods

Companies importing goods from non-EU countries must be registered importers, and thus registered as the recipient of the goods.

Contact the Danish Business Authority to register as the receiver of goods. The company must be registered before the goods cross the border for customs clearance.

The relevant forms can be found at skat.dk or call (+45) 72 22 12 12 for general advice on customs.


Pleasure boats

Pleasure boats wanting to dock in Grenaa should use Grenaa Marina, where they can find all the necessary facilities.

Contact Grenaa Marina

Skakkes Holm 62 | 8500 Grenaa | Tel. (+45) 86 32 72 55 | Vis e-mail

If sailing onwards to the beautiful Kattegat island of Anholt, you'll find a unique landscape. If arriving from the south or southwest, your trip can even feature an extra highlight - the 111 offshore wind turbines that have now become a major landmark for Anholt. Read more about Anholt Marina at anholtmarina.com.

Contact Anholt Marina

Gennem Landet 61 | 9582 Anholt | Tel. (+45) 86 31 90 08 | Vis e-mail

Djursland is renowned for being an attractive and scenic area, with every reason for a visit thanks to a wealth of tourist attractions. For example: in the immediate proximity of the Port of Grenaa is the Kattegatcentret. For more inspiration, go to visitdjursland.com.


Commercial fishing continues to be an asset to Grenaa

The port has retained its active commercial and industrial fishing fleets, auction, buyers and repair yard. 200 years ago, there were 3 fishing boats based in Grenaa. During the 20th century, the number of boats based here was around 50, along with around 150 open skiffs and smaller boats. There are fewer fishing boats nowadays, but the industrial fleet continues to thrive and has expanded considerably in recent years. 

Contact Grenaa Fish Auction
Sdr. Kajgade 13 | 8500 Grenaa | Tel. (+45) 86 32 12 03