Navigation conditions within the Port of Grenaa are very good. Shipping enters the port via the 0.7 sea mile shipping channel, with a depth of 12 metres, allowing efficient, safe passage for ships of all sizes.

The outer part of the channel is 150 metres wide, and the inner part 100 metres. The normal maximum ship length is 230 metres. Ships over 230 metres dock in consultation with the port and pilot service according to special rules. The port's swinging basin is 375 metres in diameter.

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Location and basins

The Port of Grenaa's coordinates are 56°24.4'N 10°55.5'E. The port consists of the outer port, south port (basins II and III), fishing port (basin I) and north port (basins IV and V) – the latter has a water depth of 11 metres.


A steady current runs along the coast in good weather. Current flow changes every 6 hours. The north-flowing current is dominant, south-flowing is usually weak.

Flow rate normally max. 0.5 knots.
Tidal range: 0.25 m +/-.
Wind conditions: Prevailing wind direction is W-SW.

Port pilot

Contact the DanPilot station in the port to order a pilot for inbound sailing.

Contact DanPilot, Grenaa
Tel. (+45) 63 25 66 65 | Vis e-mail