The Port of Grenaa is an ISPS secure zone

The Port of Grenaa complies with international legislation on protection for shipping and port facilities. Access to the port is therefore controlled by fences, CCTV surveillance and gate barriers.

Only personnel with valid ID cards issued by Port of Grenaa are allowed on the secure facilities within the fenced zone on the North Port (Secure Facility 1) and the tanker pier (Secure Facility 3). Open map with Secure Facilities.

  • Secure Facility 1 – North Port
  • Secure Facility 2 – Stena Line A/S
  • Secure Facility 3 – Tanker pier. 

Personnel with valid ID cards can operate the barriers themselves using the card scanner.

Other visitors, suppliers etc. to ships in dock and businesses in the port can gain access by using the intercom.

If access in and out is needed repeatedly within the same day, or a visit will last more than one day, contact the Harbour Office for permission, registration and issuing of a valid Visitor Card.

Visitor cards are not required for short visits.