Why the Port of Grenaa?

From the sea, the Port of Grenaa is the most central port in Denmark and located closest to sailing routes through the Kattegat. On land, facilities include vast open areas close to the quayside at a comfortable distance from residential areas and the town centre. We are a stable and flexible partner, offering the very best conditions for running your business efficiently and problem-free. We can do so by having a highly professional and flexible setup, a strong team with vast experience and a wide range of skills.

An industrial port with strong network connections and considerable backup

The Port of Grenaa is part of a truly dynamic business network composed of a number of large international, national and regional industrial enterprises. We support our customers with a wide range of customised services. Strong industrial political backup is one of the factors that make the Port of Grenaa into the ideal partner, able to help realise the next project for your business.

New businesses: Start at the Port of Grenaa!

The Port of Grenaa is a dedicated, accommodating industrial and commercial port. Thanks to its location in relation to the town, we are the perfect partner for businesses that need space to expand - especially for businesses that ideally should not be too close to residential areas. Partnering with the Port of Grenaa brings a number of competitive advantages. If your business is involved in the fields of wind energy, bulk, project cargo, recycle- & waste management, ferries & shipping lines, stacking & maintenance, there are major benefits in the range of customised solutions and the broad business-based network of relevant suppliers and partners we can offer.

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Prices, terms and conditions

The conditions and rates listed in this folder are valid for all agreements of activities at, to and from the Port of Grenaa and subsidiaries.

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