A unique set-up ensures your company the best solutions

We can offer outstanding facilities thanks to an unbeatable network of suppliers, able to offer a range of specialist skills and professional handling for all stacking assignments, whether involving repair, maintenance or storage. We are the perfect partner for upgrading and servicing rigs and ships, thanks to an accommodating organisation with the will to succeed.


Flexibility and quality - the keys to customer service

Stacking and maintenance for rigs and ships are key areas for us, and we maintain complete focus on applying our specialist skills to such assignments. The Port of Grenaa represents a proactive partner, offering a high degree of flexibility and determination to get the job done.

We believe in open, honest dialogue and continuous feedback on everything from consultancy to environmental permits and personnel accommodation. We are part of a wide-ranging business network, via which we can involve dedicated and competent specialists within supply chain for the offshore industry.

Unique facilities for stacking & maintenance

Our unique location, comfortable distance from residential areas, flexibility concerning gang size, efficient warehouse layout, crane capacity and customised services ensure high quality solutions. Massive open storage areas - a total of 73,000 sq. m. - are directly linked to exclusive quayside areas constructed of reinforced concrete with high load capacity. A total of 20 well-equipped warehouses ranging from 750 - 2,000 sq. m. provide the very best facilities. Electricity, water and computer networks can all be connected, including green electricity if required. Light masts with manually-adjustable brightness ensure the right conditions for 24/7 working. 

Easy access by sea

  • Water depth up to 11 m
  • Navigation channel with outer width of 150 m and inner width 100 m
  • Special jack-up zone with reinforced seabed
  • Specific drill cores taken from all stacking zones
  • Tugboat and line handling available

Easy access and high security

  • Good infrastructure around the port, including north- and southbound bypass roads, means fast, efficient land transportation to and from the quayside. Only 20 minutes by road to the nearest airport makes it quick and easy to bring in personnel and specialists
  • Heavy and light traffic can be separated in the port, ensuring safe access to the quays and stacking zones for heavy goods and passenger vehicles
  • Industrial zone lies within ISPS zone with permanent fencing and video surveillance
  • Mobile fencing available for hire to provide additional security and delimitation of stacking zone for individual projects. That means full control over access, allowing secure, undisturbed project work.