Modern offices in crude, industrial surroundings and at a perfect location right on the waterfront.

The Port of Grenaa is ambitious to develop a new office community in the large innovative port centre only a few metres off the quay wall.

Become a part of the vivid, maritime environment in Grenaa.

We have great plans for the 8,000 square metres of combined office and production premises, which will become a central part of a new commercial and experience area, where the maritime impact will be the main thrust. Large and small companies can benefit from an office community with the option of individually adopted offices.

Over the coming years, the Southern Port of Grenaa will be transformed from a traditional port area to an innovative area which, on the long term, will become an entirely new part of the city of Grenaa.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established company it is easy and simple to get the frames under control. The port centre marks off the frames in cooperation with you and your company.

Professional diversity is the breeding ground for innovation and creativity and we provide the room for you to grow.