The future forms of energy are harvested offshore, converted in the port and utilised offshore.

The world is as a whole exploring various new forms of energy and new ways to store electricity. Port of Grenaa aims to become a platform for large-scale testing of new forms of energy, called Power-to-X or simply PtX. As part of launching the strategy 2025, Port of Grenaa now introduces the core segment Energy & Innovation.

Port of Grenaa has worked with this innovative segment for a long time, and increased resources will now be used to acquire knowledge and create a supporting foundation for development of new sustainable and green forms of energy.

Port of Grenaa mainly focuses on Power-to-X plants that can store electricity and convert electricity from sun and wind to renewable and green forms of energy.

We are all responsible for contributing to a solution to climate changes, and the ports also play a significant role in this development. CO2 neutral fuels are crucial for future green forms of transportation. New forms of energy for land transport, shipping and maritime traffic are especially interesting and ground-breaking scenarios for ports and sea travel.

Port of partnerships for a green world 2025

Port of Grenaa launches a new strategy 2025 at the turn of the year. The strategy places importance on including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, permeating the entire strategy. Sustainability and CSR are integrated parts of the business of Port of Grenaa, reflected several places in the strategic approach. Energy & Innovation, including Power-to-X and the idea of partnerships for a green future make a strong foundation for an already ongoing development.

The current ambition of the government is that Denmark by 2050 should be independent of fossil energies, meaning that Denmark by 2050 should produce enough renewable energy to cover the entire Danish need for energy.

Port of Grenaa would prefer energy to come from the sea and to be used at sea in new forms.

More offshore wind in the near future

In Denmark, the near future holds a significant expansion of offshore wind farms in the Kattegat, apart from the existing Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. This will be an important step in Denmark’s conversion to more green energy.

At Port of Grenaa, we follow several offshore wind farm projects with great interest.

Hesselø - excellent climate and job opportunities

Port of Grenaa is ready to participate in the Hesselø project and is looking forward to a dialogue with the providers. Port of Grenaa has the expertise from Anholt Offshore Wind Farm as well as the required infrastructure. That’s great news for the region, and experiences from Anholt Offshore Wind Farm show that the installation of a new offshore wind farm creates thousands of new jobs. The new core segment Energy & Innovation at Port of Grenaa supports the ambitions for Hesselø’s min. 200MW wind directly to PTX by 2027.

It is clear to Port of Grenaa that storing electricity from wind farms and utilising offshore wind resources will be key in the future PtX infrastructure.

Please contact us for a dialogue on PtX solutions or prototype plants.