Storage for rent in Grenaa

Bulk cargo can be safely stored in open air areas or under cover in our warehouses, with sizes ranging from 750 to 2,000 sq. m. according to requirement. We simply offer the best facilities for handling a very wide range of cargo. Our unique location, flexibility for gang size, efficient warehouse layout, crane capacity and customised services ensure high quality solutions.


Attractive storage facilities

  • Located close to the quay, ensuring quick, easy, loading and unloading
  • Solid concrete floors or concrete paving with lighting in every warehouse
  • Automatic, lockable electric doors
  • No pillars inside, maximum use of available space and accessibility
  • Several insulated warehouses can be heated
  • Plenty of headroom - easy truck access and tipping inside

Warehouse facts and figures, Port of Grenaa





Jupitervej 1 757  4.0 - Concrete paving
2 Jupitervej 3 751  4.0 - Concrete paving
3* Jupitervej 5 757  4.0 - Concrete paving
7 Jupitervej 7 1,208  6.5 Yes Concrete paving
8 Jupitervej 9 1,208  6.5 Yes Concrete paving
20 Nordhavnsvej 34 832  5.0 - Concrete paving
21 Plutovej 2 1,989  4.8 Yes Concrete
22 Plutovej 4 1,989  4.8 Yes Concrete
23 Plutovej 6 1,989  4.8 Yes Concrete
24 Plutovej 8 1,989  4.8 Yes Concrete
26 Nordhavnsvej 19B 1,364 4.85 Yew Concrete
27 Nordhavnsvej 19C 1,625 4.85 Yes Concrete
28 Nordhavnsvej 19D 1,837 4.85 Yes Concrete
29 Nordhavnsvej 19E 1,954 4.85 Yes Concrete
48 Kattegatkajen 7 757  4.0 Yes Concrete paving
49 Kattegatkajen 9 2,102  5.0 - Concrete 
50 Kattegatkajen 11 1,291  5.0 - Concrete
51 Kattegatkajen 15 757  4.0 Yes Concrete paving
52 Kattegatkajen 17 757  4.0 Yes Concrete paving
53 Kattegatkajen 19 757  4.0 Yes Concrete paving
99* Nordhavnsvej 60 1,000  6.0 Yes Concrete paving
100 Nordhavnsvej 60 2,000  6.0 Yes Concrete paving

* Insulated.

Fitted with automatic, lockable electrical doors. No pillars on warehouse floor area.

2 specially-built warehouses with 1,000 sq. m. (insulated) and 2,000 sq. m. solid floors, large doors opening directly onto the quay.

Warehouses Multi storage area

Renting mobile cranes and materiel

Materiel can of course also be rented at the Port of Grenaa, and we can provide the necessary manpower for efficient, flexible and safe handling of all types of cargo.

The port has a range of modern materiel and can undertake all types of work within loading and unloading. Highly-functional materiel and solid teamwork are essential for efficient loading and unloading.

The Port of Grenaa has everything necessary to take on any loading or unloading job, regardless of whether bulk, ro-ro or project cargoes such as wind turbine parts, concrete elements or steel structures.

Mobile cranes


  • MAFI trailer
  • Wheel loader
  • Tractor with sweeper
  • Mini loader
  • Bulk funnel
  • Belt conveyors

Rental of industrial areas

The Port of Grenaa offers industrial areas with a wide range of options for commercial and industrial uses that require a lot of space. We also rent walled and unwalled areas, commercial premises and property to port-related business activities.

The port offers extremely attractive areas for production, processing or distribution facilities. The industrial area around the port offers plenty of potential for expansion, and is at a comfortable distance from the nearest residential areas.


Qauyside space to rent in Grenaa

The Port of Grenaa's site on the tip of Djursland includes no less than 2.5 km of quay. Our quays are surfaced in heavy-duty materials, including concrete paving in the northern area of the port - which is also the most recent, with a water depth of up to 11 metres. Exclusive and attractive quayside areas built on reinforced concrete with high load capacity make it possible to customise our facilities to customer-specific requirements.


Tank storage facilities at the Port of Grenaa

Tank storage facilities with environmental approvals for bulk liquids are available for rent. Our facilities include oil tanks, tanks for liquid chemicals, fuel oil, slop, fish oil, silage and tank flushing water.

Tank capacity totals 37,000 cbm. broken down into 25 tanks ranging between 70 to 5,000 cbm., located in 3 environmentally-approved tank farms. Most of our tanks are insulated, and have heating coils and stirrers. Access to the tank farm is via the quay manifold, to ensure efficient transfer of liquid bulk.

The Port of Grenaa's tank farm is approved for products within the main groups of mineral oil products, chemicals and bio-products, including biofuels, gas oil, fish protein and vegetable oils. There are 2 filling facilities for wheeled tankers.