The best setup for recycling & waste management

Plenty of available space for expansion and a comfortable distance to residential areas makes the Port of Grenaa the ideal partner for businesses working within the fields of recycling and waste management. Activities within the port currently include the recycling of metal scrap, ship dismantling and waste management.


Excellent logistics and space for processing

Efficient port facilities, substantial and flexible crane capacity backed by strong competencies within logistics mean that waste and surplus materials can be efficiently freighted to and from the port from land and sea. We have plenty of space within the port for storage, giving us the option of setting up the right facilities for processing. We are in constant touch with the environmental authorities with regard to our own surroundings and the business activities of our customers.

The best facilities and the right skills mean we can provide the optimum conditions for a wide range of activities within recycling & waste management.


Most offshore wind turbines are designed for a lifetime of 20-25 years, after which they must be decommissioned or renovated. A field of expertise the industry continues to have limited knowledge of.

The purpose of the Decom Tools project, funded by the EU's Interreg North Sea program, is to map new eco-innovative concepts for offshore wind turbine recycling. 14 European partners are participating in the project, including Port of Grenaa and Energy Innovation Cluster.

Port of Grenaa sees a great potential in decommissioning offshore wind turbines. In particular the port focuses on the supply chain and infrastructure needed to handle the worn-out wind turbines.

Port of Grenaa already has a focused strategy for recycling and waste management, which the decommissioning of offshore wind turbines matches perfectly. Many of the companies placed at the port also see the potential for recycling other materials than iron and metal, which is to a large extent a successful recycling material in Grenaa.

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 Decom Tools EU project 

Safe, responsible handling of slop oil and tank flushing water

We have the right facilities for receiving and handling slop oil, tank flushing water etc. responsibly and environmentally-friendly. And that includes environmentally-approved tank facilities with a range of capacities.
Read how Fortum Waste Solutions OW A/S has specialised in recycling slop oil as a supplementary fuel on the port.