A strong, flexible partner for successful cargo handling

The Port of Grenaa is the ideal partner for enterprises with special requirements for handling project-specific cargo. Our quayside storage areas and related facilities have the capacity to handle comprehensive projects. We also meet the requirements for easy access to sailing routes in the Kattegat and efficient inland distribution.

We have extensive experience, and can offer the best facilities for handling any form of project-related cargo. Our unique location combined with high volume, flexible crane capacity and customised services ensure the highest standards for all-round transport solutions.


Efficient handling and secure storage

  • Your company’s cargo can be stored short-term on our massive open areas with direct access to the quay to guarantee efficient loading and unloading
  • Dedicated, secure areas available for long-term storage
  • Exclusive quayside areas constructed of reinforced concrete with high load capacity make handling of even the biggest and heaviest project-related cargo possible
  • A comfortable distance to the nearest residential areas means that we can handle any type of project-related cargo, including noisy ones.

Unique facilities - water depth up to 11 metres

  • Reinforced seabed for special ships, rigs etc., providing a stable surface on which to jack-up and stand even with the heaviest weight
  • The entire port has been specifically designed to provide the best working conditions. Lighting masts with adjustable light strength installed for round-the-clock work when necessary
  • The industrial port lies within an ISPS secure area, including permanent fencing and video surveillance, with the option of renting mobile fencing.

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