Our strategy and objectives

The Port of Grenaa is Denmark's most central deep water port, offering scope and the best possible conditions for businesses to create results. We continuously strive to adapt and develop the facilities we offer according to the requirements companies have for mutually beneficial partnering – and that's why our motto is quite simply:



- Achieve an even stronger position within bulk (incl. transit)

- Attract businesses moving cargo over the quay

- Service port and assembly site for the offshore and wind turbine industry

 - Retain good relationships with shipping lines and ferries, and the port's customers

- Develop the best conditions for globally-oriented businesses, focusing on recycling, environment and energy.


Retain and improve our position as one of Denmark's 10 biggest industrial ports.


Differentiated focus strategy.
Strong market and customer focus. Differentiated services. Segment focus. Competence development.

Focus areas

Fundamental values

Mission: We run our port facility and infrastructure business on a sustainable basis in terms of cost, environment and social considerations. We contribute to local and regional growth, commercial development and jobs, and ensuring infrastructure-dependent business the best access to the blue motorway.

Values: We are innovative and bold. Our customers will perceive us as determined, engaged and result-oriented. We apply a high degree of assurance and professionalism to what we do. We show respect, are honest, loyal and trustworthy. We practice openness.

Brand essence: The will to succeed
Brand promise: Support your business