Expanding the port and the surrounding industrial areas

Our Master Plan facilitates massive expansion of the port and the surrounding industrial areas, and is based on a phased expansion of the Port of Grenaa. Prospects for the future of the fully expanded port will be over 4 km of quays and a deeper basin depth of 15 metres. The industrial areas close to the quay will be expanded by 660,000 sq. m.

The Master Plan also envisages reserving a large area to the northwest for industries that need plenty of space. The new area is incorporated into the new plans for this entire area: from the town towards the southwest and towards Fornæs in the northeast. The creating of green belts will screen the area from residential areas, and create a corridor down to the sea.

See the short presentation film on the Master Plan here:

Contact the Port of Grenaa for more details on the plan, or to request a complete copy.