Professional deep water port for decommissioning, pre-assembly and so much more

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 Søren Kjær and Hans Christian Nielsen

Efficient logistics


What defines a well-functioning logistics chain and why are efficient logistics so important to a company’s competitiveness?

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 CCO Theis Gisselbæk

Another three large warehouses

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when new storage capacity is to be created. During the first stage of the building process, the most important thing is therefore to talk to the customers about their needs and demands.

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 Henrik Carstensen and Bent Hansen

Growth continues

With a turnover of DKK 60 million, the Port of Grenaa made a profit of DKK 14 million in 2019. This result is close to last year’s record turnover, when we achieved a profit of DKK 15 million with a turnover of DKK 59 million.

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Water depth up to 11 m | Area: 1,425.000 sq. m. | Quay length: 2,500 m | No residential areas nearby

The Port of Grenaa is one of the biggest commercial and industrial ports in Denmark, centrally located and with plenty of space for development. Strong focus on core segments and excellent network connections make the Port of Grenaa the foundation on which to realise the potential of your business. We make every effort to support the ideas and business of your company, with strong industrial political backup.

Case: Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Denmark's biggest
offshore wind farm to date

Denmark's biggest offshore wind farm lies in the Kattegat between the island of Anholt and the Port of Grenaa. The farm was completed in 2013 by DONG Energy, and can supply up to 400,000 homes with electricity. The Port of Grenaa acted as the professional installation and base for the project, winning major national and international recognition.
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Case: Project cargo and wind

Blade moulds to China

Six blade moulds of 30 tons each saved 10 days of valuable sailing time with a shipment from Grenaa to China via the Northeast Passage. Port of Grenaa was the obvious entry and exit point due to extensive experience from wind turbine projects and project loads. A good dialogue with Port of Aalborg, where Siemens has produced the blade moulds, ensured that the exciting task could be kept in Denmark and Grenaa, where the necessary facilities exist.
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Case: Faxe Kalk

Flexibility by the sea

Faxe Kalk sends a load of lime at the port of Grenaa 15 times a year. This is then stored and collected by the customers. Faxe Kalk and their customers are of the opinion that maritime transport and subsequent storage have valuable logistical benefits, more flexibility and greater safety than the land transport. For example, Faxe Kalk avoids sending more daily trains and therefore, the space in their own silos is optimized.
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Case: Stacking & maintenance

Perfect facilities for stacking and maintenance

A unique location, interdisciplinary competencies, and a powerful supplier network are all present in Grenaa. Your business will experience perfect conditions for all kinds of stacking jobs with maintenance, repairs or laying up. We have the capacity to service even the biggest of rigs and ships – as an example, one of the world’s largest drilling rigs has called into the port. Read more

Weather station

The Port of Grenaa helps you with an overview of the current weather situation in Grenaa. Here you can regularly follow selected weather indicators. We point out that data for this weather station is provided by external parties. The Port of Grenaa does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of these weather data, which can therefore only be considered as a service information for you as a user.

Wind direction 276 vest
Wind speed Middel: 3.3 m/s
Max: 9.7 m/s
Water level: 22 cm
Temperature: Air: 14 °C
Water: 16 °C
Humidity: 84%
Visibility: 10 km
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