56 ° 24,4' N 10 ° 55,5' E
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    Port areas near quay, good location, close to the central sailing lanes and a significant water depth.

    A port of commerce
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    A lot of space on and around the port of Grenaa for storage and handling of your goods.

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    We provide a long range of services for ships calling the port of Grenaa.

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    Good to know for ships calling on the port of Grenaa. Information about sailing, ISPS a.s.o.

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Ambitions for the future

  • Deepening of the basin to 15 m
  • A new and continous commerce area of 3.000.000 square metres
  • Close to the A lane
  • Quay length of 4 km

A NEW master plan provides significant visions for the future

The Port of Grenaa has big ambitions for the future for the economic sector at Djursland and in Grenaa.

The Master Plan 2013 gives a detailed estimate of where and how the Port of Grenaa is to develop in the coming 15-20 years. It is an ambious plan which will now form the basis of the development and marketing effort of the port.

Seen from the sea, the port of Grenaa is the most centrally located port in Denmark. Close  to the blue A lane. In the middle of Denmark. Seen from the shore the port of Grenaa is characterized by large areas at quay, areas for industries with a large distance to residential areas and the city.

The large areas close to quay, the deep basins and a good distance to residential areas has attracted businesses needing space and special conditions away from urban aggloration due to noice or the like. Lately, the construction work with the Anholt offshore wind turbine farm has added a significant experience to the port. 

The focus areas of the Port of Grenaa

  • Energy and environment
  • Industries requiring space
  • Feedingstuffs, seeds and fertilizers
  • Ferry and line traffic

The strong positions of the port of grenaa

  • The location of the port close to the central sea lanes in the Kattegat
  • The port is one of the most 'ice free' in Denmark
  • Good possibilities to get skilled manpower due to close distance to e.g. Aarhus and Randers
  • Large distance to urban aggloration
  • The current water depth of 11 metres can be changed to almost 15 metres
  • Stable and continous support from local politicians as well as the industrial sector
  • A commerce friendly, flexible and solution oriented oraganisation
  • A strong and competent business network based in and around the port.

Read more about the Master Plan 2030